10 Ways to Make a Good First Impression

On meeting your prospective partner for the first time, you are bound to feel nervous and apprehensive. But, the good news is that you can actually appear more confident and smart with these simple tips…

10. Know The Person Before You Plan to Meet

You always have time to know a bit about your prospective partner before you decide to meet up. Make sure you know some basic things about him/her like what is his/her favourite cuisine, likes, dislikes, topic of interest, etc. So, accordingly you can plan your meeting and think of topics to talk on.

9. Decide On a Place to Meet Up

On your first meeting, don’t think your partner is going to do all the planning and have some surprise waiting for you. Be involved and together you guys can decide a place to meet up. Don’t try and act like you are too busy in life to think of all this. It doesn’t seem nice and responsible. In fact, there can be no better place than a coffee shop for your first meeting. You can just take a corner table and chat for hours over a cup of coffee.

8. Be Polite and Act Graceful

Remember, you are meeting your prospective spouse, so please greet him/her with a smile on your face. Also, make sure you appear polite and humble and most importantly, be honest. This will give you an idea about how well the two of you get along, whether or not your thought process match, etc. When we say be honest, we obviously don’t mean sound harsh, rude and overtly opinionated. So, be careful.

7. Appear Confident and Calm

Well, that’s the most important ingredient! Just like how important salt is to food, confidence is to a person’s persona. Show that your confident about yourself, about your behaviour, dressing, etc. Now, there’s a difference between being confident and acting snobbish and over-confident. One must be calm and composed. Try not to compete subconsciously. Sometimes, it happens and we don’t realise it. So, watch out for your actions and words.

6. Impress Her and Sound Positive

Shake hands if you and your partner are comfortable and compliment your partner on her looks and dressing. Women, mostly like it when her man pulls out a chair for her at the coffee shop or restaurant. So, all you men out there, do try this the next time you plan to meet your partner. Start off with talking about work and then gradually move on to topics like family, interests, etc. Also, always place an order with elegance.

It is good to talk about positive things, as it makes you and your partner feel comfortable. But, please do not reveal all your secrets on your first date. Instead, show that your responsible and respect confidentiality. Also, refrain from talking about life after marriage. Remember, you are there to know the person, so only focus on that. You could crack some smart and witty jokes if you’re bored or just excuse yourself to the loo and return with a smiling face.

5. Learn to Read Signs

Your actions to a certain extent depend on the vibes you get from your partner. So, learn to read signs. You might not want to be humorous if the opposite person has declined a smile on your first attempt. But, if s/he is showing positive signs, you know where you’re  heading. You take the initiative in starting a topic. Show that your happy to meet him/her, but don’t be over-excited.

4. Mind Your Table Manners

Make sure you eat or sip slowly and interact more. It does make a difference, trust us! After all, you’re not here just to eat, right? And remember your table manners. Don’t open your mouth too wide or make weird noises while chewing your food.

3. Discussing Marriage

It’s best to avoid discussing about your past. But yes, if the conversation so far was good and the two of you are comfortable talking to each other, then may be you could ask your partner about his/her views on marriage and expectations s/he has from his/her partner.

2. Move Out Gracefully

As a guy, make sure you drop her home after the meeting, whether or not you liked her. This way you will make a good first impression by leaving a positive image in your partner’s mind. Then, may be you can either catch up again if u feel the need or simply call back and refuse.

1. Be Yourself

Of course, when you meet someone for the first time you try to be nice, pompous, etc. But, it is always good to be yourself and not someone else. Accept the person you are. If you stammer or fumble when you feel nervous, don’t try to hide it. Remember, being yourself will make a genuine impression of you.

– Vipasha Pillai

What is more important to you on a first date?


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