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5 Ways to Keep Your Woman Happy

Some relationships fail due to various differences between the couple, while some do because of lack of understanding, etc. It doesn’t take too long to end a relationship, but if you really love your woman and want to keep her … Read More…

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20th Pranay Milan Sammelan, the World’s Largest Matrimonial Service partnered with the Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women (DFDW) to extend support for the ’20th Pranay Milan Sammelan 2012′, a matrimonial alliance common ground for the hearing impaired.

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Featured Couple: Murtaza and Irum

I was on for about a year and a half, but never really came across the right person. I always felt that I would be compromising if I agreed to marry any of them. I was quite confused about … Read More…

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Paired Perfectly: Jaipal and Shana

I was a member and had plans of deleting my account, since I wasn’t really happy with the response. But, luckily I decided to do one last search before giving up completely and saw that there was this guy … Read More…

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Study: Women Aren’t Attracted to Men With Beard

It’s advice men might want to take on the chin: a new study found women don’t find beards attractive. Scientists in New Zealand and Canada showed 200 women pictures of men with full beards.

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4 Common Things Men Notice in Women

The first thing a man notices in a woman is how beautiful she is. Of course, after looks there are different things that matter to different people. It could be a woman’s figure, her hair, eyes, etc. Every man has … Read More…

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