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Independence Day Celebrations at People Group

Be it Holi, Diwali, Christmas or even Independence Day, we at People Group believe in celebrating every special day in a special way. The 15th August celebrations for us began a day in advance on 14 August.

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Success Story: Dev and Preksha

It all started when Dev expressed interest in me on in November, 2010. When I saw his profile I knew there was something special about him and accepted it without thinking too much.

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Study: The Positives of a Happy Married Life

Long-term committed relationships are good for mental as well as physical health and this benefit increases over time, suggests a new study. David and John Gallacher from Cardiff University say that on an average married people live longer.

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Tips to Identify Your Perfect Match

How do you know that the person you’re interacting with is your special someone? Especially, if you’ve found someone on a matrimonial site? Some people say they get positive vibes while talking to the person or after meeting him/her, while … Read More…

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A Happy Ending: Himanshu and Ritika

Our story is no less than a fairytale. I found Himanshu on and quite liked him. He was located in New Zealand, while I was settled in India. We first started chating and then exchanged a few calls. We … Read More…

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Study: Creative People More Likely to Cheat

According to a recent research, chances of cheating is more in creative people than in the non-creative lot. This is possibly because of the talent possessed by the original thinkers, which increases their ability to rationalize their actions.”

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