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5 Things You Should Know About Men

You may have heard several things about what men like, the way they are, etc but when it comes to starting a new relationship there are certain things you need to know about men. And if you’ve never fallen in … Read More…

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You Can Now Add Photos From Facebook

We made adding photos to your Shaadi profile simpler than ever before. With the option to add photos from Facebook – it’s quicker and easier to upload photos to your profile.

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Study: Women Watch Sport Only to Please Husbands

Apparently married women only watch sports as a means of maintaining their relationship with their husbands, rather than for their own enjoyment, a new study claims. The recently published stud, from Erin Whiteside of the University of Tennessee and Marie … Read More…

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We are excited to announce the new Inbox – Unified Inbox. This was launched with the idea to unify all interactions between Members at one place and make it easy to start conversations with new Members. With the help … Read More…

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Study Finds the Key to a Man’s Heart

According to a study conducted at the University of South Brittany, the quickest way for a woman to gain a man’s interest is by gently touching his arm. Researchers recruited a 20-year-old woman, rated ‘averagely attractive’ by a panel of … Read More…

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Ask an Expert: Have a query?

Dr Prakriti Poddar, Counsellor A renowned clinical hypnotherapist, management consultant and counselor, Dr Prakriti Poddar specialises in Pre-Marital and Couple Counseling. Send your queries related to relationships issues, confidence building, getting rid of past baggage, family management, body language and … Read More…

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