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Designer Mandira Wirk’s Creation at BPFT

Mandira Wirk unveiled her beautiful  bridal collection at the grand finale of the 8th Edition of Blenders Pride Fashion Tour (BPFT), 2012 in Kolkata on September 23. After the Aamby Valley Bridal Fashion Week, it’s now the Blenders Pride Fashion … Read More…

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5 Things People Want in Their Partners

The first date is an important meeting, which decides whether the person is a good match for you or not. To make your date a success, you need to know what do people actually notice when they see their partner … Read More…

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5 Things to Discuss on Your First Date

You’re on a date to assess if the person is a right match for you or not, right? So, instead of wasting time talking about unimportant things, consider these five points…

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Modern Men Prefer Brains Over Beauty, Finds Study

Modern men increasingly appreciate women for their brains rather than their looks or skills in the kitchen, a new study has found. However, men still need to take care of their own appearance, because 21st century women are becoming ever … Read More…

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Moments of Joy at People Group

Some offices arrange for a party for their employees to celebrate certain occasions at the end of the month, and People Group is one of them. Be it an employee’s birthday or other important occasions that includes: newly-weds or new … Read More…

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Study Reveals Nicknames Women Find Annoying

Honey, baby, sweet cheeks. If you’re in a relationship, you likely don’t call your partner by his or her first name. Chances are, you probably use a pet name when referring to your significant other. But that loving nickname may … Read More…

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