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Success Story: Yagnesh and Chandni

My search for my soulmate ended when I came across Chandni’s profile on Our story began on October 4, 2010 when Chandni accepted my interest. I was just lucky to be shortlisted, as she had received nearly 500 interests … Read More…

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Celebrating’s 16th Anniversary!

We celebrated’s 16th Anniversary in October, 2012 and it was an evening to remember! The party had all the women flaunting flashy heart-shaped glares and radium wristbands & men in yellow hats dancing to all the 90s music.

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Made For Each Other: Vivek and Ami

I was a member and Ami’s profile was the first one I expressed interest in. I went to work thinking she wouldn’t take interest in my profile, but surprisingly she did reply back and we started talking over e-mail … Read More…

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What Your Dressing Style Says About You?

‘What a strange power there is in clothing,’ is a famous saying by singer, Isaac Bashevis. This holds very true, especially when you’re meeting your prospective spouse for the first time. We’re all aware of the fact that first impression … Read More…

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