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5 Gestures that Show You Care

We all love our partner’s but that’s not it! There’s lots more that goes into making a relationship a success. So, if you haven’t expressed genuine affection for your partner in a long time, we list down 5 gestures that … Read More…

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Men Spend More on V-Day, but on the Wrong Gifts

A new US survey finds that on Valentine’s Day, most men plan to shell out an average of R 746 to romance their significant others. Women will spend an average of R 425. That said, not many people get what … Read More…

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Poll: Ram & Priya Kapoor Voted the Perfect Jodi on TV recently conducted a poll to find out who TV’s favorite Jodi is. As per the poll, 42.53% Indians consider Ram and Priya Kapoor from ‘Bade Ache Lagte Hain’ as the Perfect TV Jodi. This was followed by RK and … Read More…

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