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Privacy Options is Now Free for Members

Now you can use the Photo Privacy options in addition to the existing Phone Privacy options for Free. All you need to do is to upload your photo(s). You can upload photos from your computer or from your Facebook albums.

Posted by Shaadilive on 22/04/2013 in Product Updates | 1 Comment Features in the Samsung Rex Commercial is proud to be featured in the new Samsung Rex TV Commercial as one of the must have smart apps for the new generation., Wikipedia & Facebook are the other big brands that have featured along with our … Read More…

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Traits Women Look For in a Man

You thought looks and money is all women look for in a man? Well, not in every case. Here are some characteristics most women look for in their life partner…

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Cupid Strikes Four Times in Our Life, says Study

An average person will fall in love four times in their life, a recent study has revealed. According to the study, three out of four will become besotted at least once before they even turn 20, and the average Briton … Read More…

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Survey: Women Talk to Dogs More Than Their Partner

He doesn’t talk back. He doesn’t interrupt. And he’s always up for a cuddle. Your dog is clearly an attentive partner, certainly beating out the cat (who either falls asleep or walks away) and the goldfish (who keeps giving you … Read More…

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5 Reasons Why Men Are Commitment Phobic

Men love their freedom and the bachelor’s life. For most guys, the very thought of staying committed to one woman all their life just seems impossible. Ever wondered why? Here are top five reasons for why men suffer from commitment … Read More…

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