4 Qualities Attractive Men Look For In Their Life Partner


Most of us think men always fall for women with great looks, but that’s not true. Of course, looks are important but there’s lots more that matters to them. Although physical appearance is the first thing anyone notices, when it comes to settling down, looks is not the most important factor. Believe it or not, there are some non-physical things men like in women too. Every man would love to be with a woman who is…

1) A Good Listener

Just like how women expect the partners to be good listeners, so do men. Most men appreciate women who are able to listen quietly without coming up with lines like, “I told you so.” Listening quietly and then sharing your views on the same, when the time is right is the best virtue to have. This shows that you care. Not everyone has the patience to sit and listen to the whole story. So, this involves being patient as well.


2) Spontaneous

Being able to go with the flow is one of the things men like in women the most. Some men are shy when it comes to singing or dancing with their women, but they just love to hear their women sing (even if it sounds more like howling) and love to see them dance. In short, they just love to see us being ourselves (even if it means trying to act silly).


3) Accomplished and Fulfilled 

Women who actually enjoy the things they do are more attractive, which means you should definitely stop whining about the things you don’t have and start enjoying the things you do! It’s not about being extremely beautiful or having the highest paying job– it’s about you being happy for who you are as a person, it’s about being positive and about knowing that you’re a great woman who deserves great things in life.


4) Enjoys Her Food

Most men love their food and expect their partners to love it too. Eating healthy food and trying to cut down on unnecessary calories is one thing, obsessively counting them is something completely different. While this first thing is actually good for you, the second one won’t really impress him. Being able to go out to a restaurant or a pizza place, to relax, to have a good time and talk about your food in terms of how good it tastes instead of how fat it’s going to make you shows that you’re confident and we already know confidence is one thing men like in women.

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