4 Questions You Should Ask Your Man

Both of you may have liked each other and have started thinking of marriage but before you make up your mind, make sure you find answers to these four questions…
1. What Annoys You the Most and How Do You Deal With it?
You can ask him this if it’s not your first date. Find out what are things that really piss him off  and how does he deal with them? Does he stop talking to the person responsible for ruining his mood or does he bear grudges? It’s important for you to know this, as it will give you an idea about what kind of a person he is. For instance, if he gets into a sulking mode and you’re the opposite, watch out.

2. How Do You Behave During a Crisis?
Does he blame everyone except himself or does he act aggressive with people around him? Also, find out how does he face and deal with the pressure? If he’s the type who remains optimistic and thinks that things will get better soon, then it’s a good sign but if he sounds negative, beware. You need to spend more time together and get to understand him better before you take a call.

3. How Do You Deal With Money Matters?
Find out if he believes in saving for the future or does he like to live in the present? When he plans for a career switch or decides to invest in a property would he consider it important to discuss it with his wife? It’s important for you to know all this, as most couples end up fighting over money matters. It’s better to be clear about it well in advance. If he doesn’t consider it important to involve his partner in his decision-making process, it simply means he thinks you’re not worth discussing it with.

4. What are Your Expectations From Your Wife and Kids?
If it’s your first date, please avoid asking him this or you’ll seriously scare him. Save this question for your future date. Find out how would he react if his expectations are not met? What is his vision of a family life? Would he pitch in and co-operate in family chores? Would he be ready to change to accommodate your views? You may find these questions silly now, but they really matter in the long run. You guys are on a date to understand each other better, right? So, don’t feel awkward asking him these important questions that can make or break a relationship.

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