4 Ways To a Green Wedding

The happiest day of your life could also cost the earth – literally. So, it makes more sense to opt for a green wedding, doesn’t it? If you wish to go for an eco-friendly wedding, here’s how they are…

1. Wedding Invitations
Your wedding invitations could be made from 100% recycled paper available in beautiful and rich textures or you could opt for e-invitations. That’s also a great idea to save some money.

2. Decor
The venue is the most important aspect of a green wedding. Transform your wedding venue into a lush paradise using lots of fresh flowers, pebbles and organic materials for your drapes, table cloth, napkins and tents.

3. Catering
Food needs a lot of thought if you wish to go for a green wedding. Instead of having a wide variety of non-veg dishes on the menu, you could have an additional section that has soy-based foods, lots of salads, more of vegetarian options, etc.

4. Honeymoon
And finally, for the honeymoon you could head to a wildlife destination, a beach or may be an eco-sanctuary. You’ll come across a lot of options to plan the honeymoon on the internet. All you need to do is research and settle for a nice, green place.


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