4 Words to Avoid in Your Profile

You’re going to get noticed only by your online matrimonial profile, so you need to make sure you make use of the right words to get the right match. Avoid using clich├ęd or very common terms that can make your profile appear super boring or uninteresting. The kind of words you use in your profile can make a big difference. So, here are 4 words you should avoid using in your profile and if you’ve already added any of these words please delete them…

Some people want a good looking partner, we understand! But that doesn’t mean you write that in your profile. Also, never write, “I’m quite hot and intelligent.” Instead of describing yourself as hot, you can write something about your nature, likes, dislikes and family. Let your photos speak for themselves. If you’re really that good looking, you’ll easily find an equally good looking match on Shaadi.com.

Prince Charming
Let us tell you that most men do not like women writing, “I’m here to find my Prince Charming.” This is not enough for a man to understand what are you actually looking for in a partner. Prince charming sounds like an unreal fairytale romance. You’re on Shaadi.com to find your match, so take that seriously and write about what qualities would you want your partner to possess, etc.

This is your matrimonial profile and you’re not here to make friends, right? So, avoid your chat language here. Follow the thumb rule – No Shortcuts. We’re not saying you shouldn’t be yourself but that doesn’t mean you write things like, “OMG! I’m finally 25 and it’s time for me to start hunting for my match.” This is not how you write a profile. Do not write exactly the way you think. This will only show how immature you are. Your profile needs to be simple, easy to understand and to the point.

Everyone wants a partner who shares similar values, thoughts, likes, dislikes, etc. Chemistry means nothing but a person you get along really well with and that the two of you have a lot in common. It means when the two of you meet spending time together is exciting. So, be a little more precise. “I want someone with whom I have great chemistry,” is found in a lot of profiles, which shouldn’t be mentioned. The word ‘Chemistry’ adds no value to a profile, trust us!

- Vipasha Pillai

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    Advise is well accepted because profile is mostly read by elders.

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