4 Common Things Men Notice in Women

The first thing a man notices in a woman is how beautiful she is. Of course, after looks there are different things that matter to different people. It could be a woman’s figure, her hair, eyes, etc. Every man has a clear picture of his dream girl in his mind. But some common things every man notices about a woman include…

1. Beauty

You need not try and be somebody else, but make sure you’re looking your best. Avoid too much makeup during the day. Instead, opt for a natural look and don’t wear unwanted accessories just to show how stylish you are.

2. Dressing Style
It’s important to be well-dressed all the time, because people notice you. Especially, if you’re on a date make sure you wear something that goes well with your personality and makes you feel comfortable. And please avoid cleavage show and revealing clothes.

3. Body Language and Walk
Look confident when you walk and for that you need to wear a comfortable pair of shoes or sandals. If you’ve never worn stilettos, this is not the time to experiment. If you do so, your partner will easily figure out how uncomfortable you are in those high heels that you wore just to impress him. So, please stick to what you’re comfortable in.

4. Your Voice
The way you talk, really matters to a man. Most men like women who sound and look feminine. So, do not shout at anyone, do not laugh out loudly and make your partner feel embarrassed.  Speak softly or this is going to be your last date!

– Ninad, Customer Relationship Management

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