5 Healthy Practices Every Couple Should Follow!


Today, a couple’s relationship is not about the the number of unicorns and rainbows shared but about the life that two people build together. There’s no denying that a couple’s habits rub off on each other over time, so developing good healthy habits should be an important part of your agenda.
It has been observed that having a partner is for doing things motivates you to push yourself harder, and who better than your life-partner!

Here are top 5 healthy practices couples can add to their day-to-day routine

1. Exercise Together
Walking, running, gym or yoga; now’s the time to pair up for one common objective of staying fit. You have each other for motivation, every step of the way.

2. Cook Healthy
Change your diet and move towards healthy choices. Cook a hearty meal together periodically which will help shape your health and make every night date night – just with healthy food.

3. Make a Trip to the Supermarket
This is something we often overlook. Going to the supermarket means, your intention to cook is sealed. When presented with fresh ingredients, it’s easy to pick up stuff that both of you like and can plan meals together well ahead of time. He brings the tomatoes, you pick the basil. Voila! There’s some pasta cooking right there.

4. No Technology
Spend some time away from technology. Having a healthy conversation and spending time one on one will help develop your bond, and maybe sign up for activities you wouldn’t indulge in otherwise such as a walk in the park.

5. Clean Together
Surrounding oneself with cleanliness and the right ambience often affect one’s mood. What with the Danish concept of ‘hygge’, (pronounced hoo-gah) loosely translated as the feeling of warmth, taking the world by storm. A few candles, a few snugly rugs thrown here and there, that’s all it takes!

Like our tips? Share the activities you do as a couple to stay healthy!

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