5 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Work Better


Finding all of the top reasons why long distance relationships work can be hard, especially when a lot of people do not believe that a long distance relationship can work. If you’re in a relationship that just happens to be long distance, don’t you worry! Here are 5 reasons why long distance relationships work and why they make sense…

  1. 1) The Relationship Stays Interesting
    When you’re in a long distance relationship, it stays interesting. There’s always something to talk about. This is absolutely one of the reasons why long distance relationships work well. How often do you talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend when you;re living in the same city? And how often do you talk to them if they’re living in another state or country? Think about it!
  2. 2) You Still Have Your Freedom
    In a long distance relationship you still have your freedom and so does your partner. If they want to go hang out with his friends, they can and so can you! While relationships that are not long distance have a certain sense of freedom, when you are long distance, you don’t have to constantly include your partner, which can be refreshing!

  3. 3) You Value Your Time with Them
    What about the time that you do spend with your partner? It’s time well-spent right? It’s time that you actually appreciate and that you value. This is absolutely one of the best reasons why long distance relationships work and why we think they are great. You don’t get sick of them because you get such little time with them!

  4. 4) You Don’t Take Them for Granted
    You don’t take anything that your partner is saying for granted! You also don’t take them for granted, which you can often do when you are in the same state and not long distance. How often do you lean on your partner for small little things? What if s/he wasn’t there to do those small things?
  5. 5) The Emotional Support Becomes More Important
    The thing about being in a long distance relationship is that both of you become more supportive. What that means is that you both lean on one another, emotionally and it’s great! Both of you depend on each other for things that you might not depend on each other for if you weren’t living away from each other.

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