Tips For Setting Up a Matrimonial Profile

You are on for a purpose, right? So you need to make sure you have the right kind of information in your matrimonial profile. This will not just make it easy for you to find the right match but also improve your chances of receiving interests from members who match your criteria. You need to highlight your attributes and set the tone of your personality. If you are not sure about what to write in your profile, here are some tips to keep in mind while creating your profile…

1. Choose the Right Community

Finding a partner online is easy only when your profile is complete. On, you have the option to choose a community you wish to find a partner from. All you have to do is select the right community, fill in other details about you and the kind of partner you’re looking for.

2. Be Honest

It’s a bad idea to start a relationship with a lie. You rather be honest! You may not be prince charming or a princess but there are people who appreciate honesty. You never know, they might end up liking you for the kind of person you are. Avoid uploading someone else’s picture on your profile. People need to get what they saw on your profile when they meet you. If you misrepresent yourself by uploading an old photo or someone’s else’s photo, it just ends there. S/he wouldn’t want to meet you again. Also, do not hide red flags like a divorce or children in your profile. Potential matches will find out at some point.

3. Post ‘Happy’ Pictures

Ever seen those pictures of people ‘Before’ and ‘After’ the weight loss plan? The person is always frowning in the ‘Before’ picture, where as in the ‘After’ picture, there’s a smile, which is supposed to help sell a product. Similarly, happy pictures have more chances of getting people to express interest in you. So, choose pictures that make you look nice, fun and outgoing.

4. Focus on Your Uniqueness

This allows you to find people who are compatible with you. Focus on the interesting things that you would want your prospective spouse to know about you. Also, this space is not meant for you to write about your childhood hobbies like stamp collecting or making book marks, etc. You could write about you, your family and qualities you are looking for in your Life Partner.

5. Be a Bit Humorous

We know it’s a matrimonial profile, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be witty. A profile with some humor in it is tough for people to resist. So, if you’re witty show it in your profile — but don’t force the jokes please!

– Vipasha Pillai

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