5 Rules To Follow On Shaadi.com

If you are looking for your life-partner on Shaadi.com or planning to register on the website, here’s some handy information to help you find the ‘right’ match…

Be Realistic
When it comes to getting to know your potential partner, nothing can beat email, instant messaging and social media. It’s the best platform, no doubt! But before you make any commitment and get into a relationship, make sure you verify your partner’s background. The best way to do is to spend some time together and get to know each other’s friends.

Don’t Just Rely on the Person’s Profile
It’s sometimes easy to fall in love with a person’s profile even without knowing much about him/her. So, watch out for ‘red flags’ if s/he has a Shaadi.com profile. If the opposite person refuses to share his/her number or is unavailable over the weekend, the person maybe inactive, on a hidden agenda or not ready to open up. So, do not trust people blindly. Take your own time and get to know each other better first.

Honesty is the Best Policy
We all tend to go for a little exaggeration when we want the other person to like us. But, it helps to be honest so that s/he is not disappointed when they actually meet you. Take some time to think and describe yourself on the profile page of the matrimonial website and do mention what kind of partner you’re looking for. Trust us, it doesn’t matter even if you aren’t very good-looking. Remember, there are people who prefer honesty over beauty. So, be honest and hope for the best.

A Rejection is Not the End of the World
You need to overcome the fear of rejection. People have different tastes, so you can’t expect everybody to like you. Some of them may find you too short/tall, thin/plump, etc, but don’t be disappointed. Move ahead, as every “No” is one step closer to a “Yes” and finding your soulmate. A lot of times, members who do not show interest or take time to respond are either inactive or have already found someone. So, be positive and move on.

Paid vs Unpaid Members
This usually is a good filter for serious people looking for love. Someone who is seriously looking for a partner is willing to become a paid member so that s/he finds  his/her life partner online. However, at times you may come across people who pay only to flirt. So, beware.

– Payal Majumdar, Shaadi US

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