5 Safety Tips For Your First Date

After you’ve spoken to each other over the phone, chatted online, exchanged long emails and seen each other in pictures, the next step would be to catch up in person, right? But if you’re still not sure as to whether or not you’re playing safe, here are some things to keep in mind on your first date

1. Always Meet in a Public Place
You hardly know each other and are meeting for the first time, so it’s best to meet up at a coffee shop or a restaurant. Since, it’s a public place you need not worry if the person tries to misbehave with you in any way. And, in case you don’t like him/her you have absolute freedom to back off safely. Even a smallest excuse would work out for you. Don’t believe us? Try it.

2. Inform Your Friends
Make it a point to inform your close friends where you’re planning to catch up with him/her. In case, something goes wrong, they can come to your rescue.

3. Never Ask the Guy to Fetch You
It’s too early to invite him to your house to pick you, isn’t it? Remember, it’s just your first date, so go slow. If you don’t own a car or a two-wheeler, you could ask a friend to drop you at the venue or just take a public transport.

4. Please Do Not Leave Your Phone Behind
You may be really forgetful, but this is not the time to forget your phone at home. You have no idea what your phone can do to save you if at all some unfortunate incident takes place. What if you don’t like the guy/girl at all and just want to escape somehow? You can quickly put your phone on silent and pretend to talk to a friend. You can excuse yourself citing something is urgent is to be attended.

5. Take Care of Your Belongings
Be it, your wallet, purse or any other valuable thing, it’s always better to carry your stuff with you even if you have to go to the washroom. Don’t expect him/her to look after your stuff. You hardly know that person, right? So, be careful.

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