How Men Test Women On a Date

If you think guys hardly prepare themselves before coming on a date, you may be wrong. Guys mostly take interest in settling on a good venue and making reservations in advance. That’s not all, men even judge women based on their secret test. Wondering what test? Here’s what you need to know before you go on a date…

1. Did You Show Up on Time?

Some men are quite punctual, so do not take three hours to dress up for your date. In case, you’re running late, make sure you inform him well in advance. Don’t keep him waiting for you at the venue. Their time is just as valuable as yours, so don’t waste it. Instead, get points for being prompt.

2. Did You Order For Something Simple?

Call it a judgment or first impression, guys do gather any information they can to decide if they like you. Also, it gives men an idea of how the tone of the rest of the date will go. So, watch out for what you order and how you behave. If you are serious about him, this is not the time to burn a hole in his pocket by ordering the most expensive dishes or just being there to eat, drink and make merry.

3. Are You Being Considerate?

This one is an unplanned test. He’ll see how well you react or adjust to unforeseen circumstances. For instance, if it starts raining on your date or you reach the restaurant and it’s closed, etc. If a guy says, “There’s another place six blocks away,” don’t act uptight or freak out. If you keep cool on your date, you’ll create a good impression. You need to show him that you’re just happy being there with him. Remember, he’s taking mental notes.

4. How Do You Answer His Questions?

Your guy may ask you some questions and wait for you to answer them. Think twice before you say something or it’ll be your last date with him. If you try to be fake and say things just to please him, you’re cheating. So, speak the truth and sound polite.

5. Did You Ask Him Questions About Himself?

Show some interest and ask him questions related to his family and career. This way he’ll at least know that you’re taking interest in knowing about him. And when we say ask him questions, we don’t mean prepare a list of questions and ask him one by one. Go slow and let it be a two way conversation.

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