5 ‘shayad se’ situations that are too cliché to be true!

We all have those moments when we lull into our own little world, away from the reality. While the make-believe world seems too good to be true, we still have to force ourselves to get out of it and crawl back into reality. This make-believe or ‘shayad se’ moments have a knack for getting themselves attached to your deepest and sometimes even silliest romantic fantasies. Here are some of the most obvious shayad se situations you, yourself think are too cliche to be true (but still daydream about them).

You will meet your soulmate on the first day of college – Movies must have taught you that if you don’t meet your someone special on the first day of college, you will be single forever (okay, this was an exaggeration). While this is something we’re sure you would have wanted but not all love stories start on the orientation day itself.

A makeover will change your life! – While the idea of getting a haircut, and changing your wardrobe is to feel good about yourself, nowhere does it guarantee a new boyfriend or girlfriend! If you’re getting a makeover keeping that goal in mind, then that is a major downer for your self-esteem.

You will end up with your best friend – Sometimes friendships do turn into something more but that doesn’t mean all friendships see the same ending. Sometimes a friend is a friend is a friend. Period! If you’re faking your friendship just because you want them to fall in love with you eventually, then you need to get out of this make-believe situation asap.

When you ‘accidentally’ collide in the hallway – Be it college or office. Colliding in the hallway is never as romantic as we are conditioned to believe. If you’ve been dreaming about meeting your soulmate this way, then let’s just inform you that books have now been replaced by laptops and colliding laptops ain’t a pretty sight.

Stuttering the first time you meet – Don’t roll your eyes as you know you’ve imagined this over and over in your head. While being dumbstruck and not able to respond when you meet the love of your life sounds way too cute in the movies, in real life you will look like you’re in need of a doctor. This very poetic shayad se situation is a little silly when it plays out in real life.

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