5 Signs You Are Ready For Marriage

Oh, so your parents have been forcing you to get married just because you’ve crossed 25? And you’ve probably decided to get married. But are you really prepared to settle down? Here are some signs that will help you find out if it’s really time for you to tie the knot…

1. All Your Friends are Settled
If you’re the only one left single in your friend circle and you feel a tad jealous about it, then may be the answer is yes. It’s time you too settle down.

2. You’ve Finally Forgotten Your ‘Ex’
So, you’ve laid your last relationship to rest? And you think you can trust a man/woman 100 per cent once again? This only means you’ve totally gotten over your previous relationship and are all set to start afresh. That’s a good thing. After all, not all relationships turn out to be unsuccessful.

3. You’ve Started Enjoying Romantic Songs and Rom-coms
If you found romantic tracks bugging earlier and now you’re suddenly in love with those songs and films, then may be you have someone in mind. Also, if you’ve started thinking about how will you dress up for your wedding, what kind of arrangements would you have for that special day, etc then the answer is ‘Yes’.

4. You’ve Started Thinking of That Special Someone
If you no longer suffer from ‘commitment phobia,’ you’re done with flirting and chasing men/women and feel only one special someone can make your home paradise then it’s time you start thinking of marriage even if you never thought you could be committed.

5. You’ve Started Thinking About Your Future
All of a sudden you’re worried about what the future has in store for you? And you’ve started thinking in terms of ‘We’ and ‘Us’ instead of ‘I’ and ‘Me’, you think you’ve been spending too lavishly for the last few months and it’s high time you start saving for the future? If this is exactly what’s been going on in your mind, then yes, it’s time to settle down and sport that ‘taken’ tag.

- Vipasha Pillai

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19 Responses to 5 Signs You Are Ready For Marriage

  1. syed nawaz says:

    of course y not 26 is may be right age to marry

  2. Suresh says:

    Most importantly,
    have you developed the attitude to make little compromises for the special someone in life ?
    Do you start planning for future (particularly financial).

    those are good indications.

  3. Tanmoy says:

    It would be great help for bachelor like me..thanks for sharing..

  4. poonam says:

    thanks for sharing such valuable tips i guess i am ready as i am having all the shaadi symptoms:-)

  5. raaj says:

    Yes…absolutely right…I am experiencing the same feelings now. There was a time when I hated women and marriage but now I guess I’m ready for marriage

  6. Mandar Sarmandal says:

    How true. I see all these signs in me and I’m 26-year-old. So, that means its time to get married. wow I’m ready

  7. Chandandeep Kaur says:

    Thanks!! it really helpful

  8. Amit Kumar says:

    Great advise… Thanks Shaadi.com

  9. anu says:

    Yes, the most important factor is to be mentally prepared to make compromises and to be ready to bring little changes in your life for your partners happiness and a peaceful marriage.

  10. love khatri says:

    nice one . thankyou

  11. krishh says:

    I’m been noticing these symptoms in me from the age of 12 :)

  12. swati.... says:

    I totally agree with your points. Thanks.

  13. parmesh verma says:

    true lines

  14. raja says:

    How true. Tips are perfect!.

  15. surender kasawatia says:

    Thanks, its really helpful

  16. bindiya says:

    Good tips shared. Thanks!

  17. soumitra banerjee says:

    Good thats so true

  18. Asif khan says:

    Yes very true

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