5 Songs for Sangeet this Shaadi Season!


Planning to dance on your friends/cousin’s sangeet, and confused which songs to break a leg on? Bollywood songs are the life of any shaadi event. Sangeet is one of the best and most happening functions of any shaadi. The one which is closest to our heart and is enjoyed by every relative  (the irritating and cribbing ones too!) Nothing other than some bollywood music brings life to the event. They bring out the various emotions attached to various Indian Shaadis. Sometimes, sweet, a little humorous, emotional, filled with a little banter , it’s a dance competition in a subtle way between the bride’s side and the groom’s. Hence, a good amount of playfulness ensues between the two sides.

So we have shortlisted a few, below, for you, the ones you can break a leg on and give a competition to the dulhawaala/dulhanwaalas and enthrall the guests

  • 1) Iq vaari aa

There’s often a performance put up by the groom for his bride followed by a couple song . This song from Raabta is the best pick for the groom as it is romantic and has “feels” too. It’s a song that expresses the grooms feeling for the bride and also has some amazing music and beats to groove on!

  • 2) Tamma Tamma

This song a remake of the old Tamma Tamma starring Madhuri Dixit is from Badri Ki Dulhaniya which castes Alia Bhatt and Varun DHawan. This song has topped the charts with the best music and some amazing beats with some remarking signature step that can make anyone shake a leg on. This song can be performed by the  grooms friends/cousins.

  • 3) Cheez badi Hain Mast Mast

One might think of this song to be an old one but the new version of this is absolutely a killer which makes this song to be a hit-hit.  Pick up this song and you will realize that it couldn’t be better than this to show your moves and groove. An ode to the beauty and virtue of the bride, this song is one of the favorite dancing numbers in almost all sangeets of any shaadi. We think it’s a perfect number for the bride’s friends/cousins to dance on.

  • 4) Badri Ki Dulhaniya

Badri Ki Dulhaniya has certainly become one of the hot favorites in any shaadi as the song directly expresses the emotions of any shaadi ever. The title of the movie itself describes of the shaadi of Badri (Varun) and his dulhaniya(Alia). This song has a complete wedding essence and fun beats to get anyone on the floor even without any prior preparation. It has all the elements of fun, masti and ched chad in it. This song is a woot woot for all the friends of the groom teasing the bride.

  • 5) Aashiq surrender Hua

How can we not think of this song when thinking of any sangeet ever. With a perfect mix of music and beats this song this song is a total foot-tapping number.  It pronounces a declaration of the guy and the girl that they have fallen in love and are ready to surrender their life to each other.  This song is suggested for all the brothers and sisters of the bride and the groom’s side together as it brings out the emotions from both the sides

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