Things Men Don’t Want You to Know About Them

No matter, how good friends you are with your partner, but remember there are certain things men would never want you to know about them. Wondering what? Here are top 5 things..

1. Mamma’s Boy
Most men are so pampered and spoilt for choice by their moms that they always compare their wives and bring in stress and drama between saas-bahu. They definitely don’t like you to think that they are over-grown mamma’s boy!

2. Fantasy Flights
Their computer hard-disk is full of porn and sleazy content and they spent hours on the internet lusting their eyes. And then they act like… you know what! So, better don’t question.

3. Inner wear
Right from their socks to their undergarments, most men hate washing it themselves. So don’t be surprised if you find that your man stinks! Things can sometimes even get more disgusting. A neat and tidy man is like a lottery!

4. Emotions
Do you know why guys hate express their feelings? Simple, because they love to act like a macho man all the time. Guess most men think they’re a complete man and believe that tears and emotions are for girls. For obvious reasons, they don’t want to be caught crying or getting emotional.

5. Hate Shopping

Okay, so you think your partner loves to hold the shopping bags when you decide to spend a day at the mall? Trust us, it’s just an illusion. No man likes to shop but they don’t want you to know that for the fear of rejection or losing you. So, next time you plan to take your guy on a day-shopping trip, better be nice to him!

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