5 Things Men Hate About Women

Deep down they may love us, but there are times when they find women really annoying. Ask any man and they’re sure to mention these 5 habits that they hate about women. So, run through these points women and make sure you avoid these 5 big mistakes…

This is natural and mostly happens when women see their partner checking out other attractive women around them. If you too feel jealous about that, you’re absolutely normal. But, there’s a better way of letting your man know that you do not like him checking out other women. And, if he has more of girl friends in his circle, you need to be more understanding and you got to trust him. So, the jealousy we’re talking about is the type that seems to intrude on the inner space you two share. If you constantly bring up feelings of jealousy, it can often lead to a fight between the two of you and can ruin your relationship. In stead, deal with it in another way, because remember, he hates it when you distrust him.

Women love passing on difficult tasks to their partner and if he’s still seen sitting on the couch watching TV, he’s gone. Women expect men to move it the minute they’re asked to do something. It doesn’t work that way ladies! You’ve done your job of asking your partner to do something, so leave it to him. He knows he’s supposed to do it and he will do it when he’s free. The way women shout shows that he’s undeserving. There’s nothing worse to a man than a woman who won’t get off his case. Don’t be that woman.

Be Yourself
A lot of women show that they’re very understanding, loving and caring and that is only when they’re new in a relationship but as time passes, men get to see the other side of them. We mean, in the beginning, you try to be someone else and later you be yourself. Men don’t like it when women put on a show or pretend to be something they’re not. So, be who you are.

Jumping to conclusions
Women love jumping to conclusions to prove themselves right, isn’t it? But it tends to bug men when we falsely assume something that ends up leading to an argument. Play it safe women and have an open mind. This will save both of you from a headache.

Spying Him
Men are more comfortable in a relationship when they get some space, as they want to be free. Most women love keeping an eye on every move that they make but this is like making him feel that he’s in a cage. If you’ve ever tried to keep tabs on where your guy is, he hated it whether or not he told you, trust us! So, instead trust him and he’ll never let you down. Of course, if your partner has betrayed you in the past, you have all the right to keep an eye on him. But, there’s no harm in giving him a second chance.

– Vipasha Pillai

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