5 Things Men Notice About Women on a Date

The first date is important for every couple, as it helps you decide whether or not you can go ahead with the person. But women, did you know that there are some things men can quickly notice on a date. Don’t know what? Read on to find out…

1. Eyes and Hair
Oh, wondering whether men notice your hot body first or your cute smile? Well, not really. Most men observe your eyes and hair first. So, make sure you wash your hair and style it well a day prior your date. Also, please don’t forget to get rid of those ugly split ends. As far as the eyes go, you can sport a sexy, smokey eye-makeup that looks appealing.

2. Smile
Next on the list is your smile. So, do brush your teeth really well and use a mouth wash if you have to. If you smoke and have got yellowish teeth, visit a dentist 2-3 days prior your date and go for a teeth whitening session. No matter, how well you dress up, if your teeth look yellow it will spoil your look. Lastly, if you’ve got gaps between your teeth, make sure you cover your mouth and laugh.

3. Fragrance
You thought only women are smart when it comes to fragrances? If yes, think again. Men are equally smart and just love women who smell good. A guy will never settle for a girl who stinks, trust us! So, always carry a perfume in your bag when you’re going on a date.

4. Makeup
Men like women with make-up, true, but that doesn’t mean you use every cosmetic product you’ve got at home. Stick to a natural look with minimal make-up. If you guys plan to meet during the day, go for nude shades of lipstick and eye-shadow and if you’ve got a dinner date you can opt for a darker shade of lipstick for a more glam look.

5. Voice
Remember, you’re a woman, so please act feminine. No matter how loud you can be, this is not the time to show your unique skills. Speak softly and politely even if the waiter happens to spill some water on your dress. Avoid shouting or it will give your partner a wrong image of you, plus you’ll end up embarrassing him.

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4 Responses to 5 Things Men Notice About Women on a Date

  1. Rahul says:

    You’re right. I strongly dislike loud-mouthed & opinionated women.

  2. out of india says:

    Indian women are not very hygenic!
    most of them like to hairy arms and legs and hairy backs. Yuk!

  3. Aquickfact says:

    These often are the tastes of men who are concerned about the trivialities rather than the essentially important core of a personality. Although these all are important, what books you read, how knowledgeable you are, how you handle things on a day to day basis (where they are looking for your practical side over anything as high as intelligence or as low such as being dim witted). Trust me, it depends what country you live in, what kind of people you meet and many more things. Tips are always useful though!

  4. Ram says:

    Absolutely right. I just can’t stand anyone who stinks. And yellow teeth are a definite put-off.

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