5 Things that Makes Shaadi.com a Cool Workplace

A positive atmosphere, fun, recognition and reward for your hard work, better growth opportunities, etc are some reasons that makes Shaadi.com the best place to work at. Shaadi.com’s mission is to help people find happiness, not just when it comes to finding a life partner but also when it comes to work. We list down 5 things that makes Shaadi.com a cool place to work at…

1> Positive Workplace
This is one workplace that has always put the emphasis on long‐term intangibles, like creating a positive management culture, innovative recruiting, training managers and employees in the people skills that engage and retain employees

2> Understanding Employees
The company believes that to improve the office culture it’s important to understand their employees and find out what motivates them.

3> Encouraging Employees
If people feel that they are slaving away at their job and that what they do isn’t appreciated, their productivity levels are sure to drop. At Shaadi.com, employees have always been appreciated for work well done and rewarded with a ‘Rockstar’ batch that further motivates them to keep up the good work and perhaps even do better in the future.

4> Making Work Fun
This is one workplace that can never get boring. Apart from work there’s lots more that the company does to keep its employees happy. The company throws an F3 (Fun Fuelled Fridays) party on the last Friday of every month, celebrates every festival, has exciting HR activities lined up every month and lots more. We also have ‘Wednesday Movie Nights’ at work where the employees can unwind after work. They get to watch some popular films on the big screen. Now, it can’t get better than this, can it?

5> Creating High Impact
The company doesn’t put emphasis on number of hours worked or the effort put in. What ultimately matters here is the impact that the employee has been able to create. Impact that the company can measure.

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