5 Things You Should Never Discuss With Your Man

May be you’re used to sharing every little thing with your man, but there are some things you should just keep to yourself. It’s a myth that sharing every detail makes a relationship stronger. Everyone has some secrets and its good to remain quite at times. Remember, some things might hurt your partner, so keeping quite is the best thing to do. We list down five important secrets to keep from your guy…

1. Past Hook-ups
Everyone has a past and no matter what the story, it’s better to leave your past behind and think of your present. No guy would like listening to what went wrong in your previous relationship or how much you loved him, etc. And for God sake, don’t get too emotional and start showing your images with your ex. Men may ask about other dudes, but what they actually want to hear is that they’re the best. Avoid lying by not answering questions about your sexual past. When he does dig, tell him he’s the only one you can think about in bed.

2. Your Spending Habits
As long as you don’t share funds, your BF doesn’t need to know where your money goes. You might be a shopaholic, but men do get stressed when they see you buy no-so-important stuff like clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, etc. Things that you already have. The quick fix: When he compliments an outfit, don’t give him the rundown on where you got it and how much it cost. And if he asks, tell him it was way less than the big-screen TV he splurged on. Smart, isn’t it?

3. How You Feel About His Family
Warning: Discussing his family will only do damage to your relationship, trust us! So, even if his mom is a Gossip Queen or his dad is a bore master, kindly keep your mouth shut. The minute you say something slightly negative, it’ll make him feel that you’re already keeping names for his parents and that you’re making him choose between you and them. If they’re truly awful, avoid being around them whenever you can, simple!

4. Innocent Flirtations
You love your guy, fine! But that doesn’t mean you can’t chat with other men. It may be tempting to brag that you still get male attention, especially if you feel your guy takes you for granted. But telling him about your colleague who checks you out is just going to make him feel insecure. So , please think twice before you make up stories and tell your man or just keep quiet. This will only create problems between you and your partner.

5. What You Really Think Of His Gift
You’re bound to get a few boring gifts from your guy. Instead of slamming him or telling him that he’s got a bad choice when it comes to gifting skills, find one good thing to tell him about each gift. Men aren’t that expressive, so a gift is their way of saying they care. Remember, if you reject it, you reject him. Next time, drop hints so he gets you something you like. For instance, mention your fave store or brand.

– Vipasha Pillai


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