5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Partner!


If you have just got closer to someone this article is a must read for you. Simply follow this article like a holy book. There are a few things that women hate to listen from their partners. At times, men think they’re being smart, sincere or witty but in reality it’s just plain annoying for women.

Here are 5 things women hate listening to from their partner:

1) “Your best friend still looks gorgeous”
No. Just don’t tread this path. Say this to yourself but not to your wife or else you had it. You are only going to be inviting problems for yourself by making that comment. It’s better for you to gawk in secret.


2) “You’re turning exactly into your mother”
This is a phrase no woman is ever ready or willing to hear, whether or not it’s true. If its true in your partner’s case, let it be! You need not mention it to her because her mom wasn’t a zombie, right? And, if not her mom who else will she turn into?


3) “You’re so cute when you snore”

Women don’t snore. Duh.


4) “Make me a sandwich or Clean the room”

Who are you, Don Draper? This is not the 1950s. Commands like that do not fly. At least add a “could you please” to the beginning of the sentence if she’s poised over bread with a knife in the kitchen already. And hey, why not grab a broom now and get the act going instead.


5) “Why do you bother putting on makeup all the time?”

She loves to dress up. It also gives her immense pleasure to go out wearing that impeccably done make up, so even if you have to wait 30 more minutes for her to get ready for the party you don’t have to say rude things to her. She should do more of what makes her happy! 🙂


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