5 Tips For Creating the Perfect Online Profile

Creating an online matrimonial profile can be quite challenging, especially when you know you are on the website to find a life partner. It’s not always easy to explain everything about yourself in short. So, what you need to do is keep it short and crisp and only focus on things that a matrimonial profile needs to have to attract more attention. Here are 5 tips for that perfect online profile…

1. About You: The ‘About You’ section is what people first read when they check your profile.  It’s best not to lie, even if you think you do not have too many good qualities. Keep it short and simple and write about your nature, your likes/dislikes, food habits, values, career, religious beliefs and your family background. These are basic things people want to know. You could also ask your family or best friend to help you with your profile. Sometimes, they know you better than you know yourself.

2. Complete Your Profile: Take out some time and complete your profile. An incomplete profile will never get you the kind of attention a complete profile would. Be it your educational background, family background, religion, income, etc; it’s important that you fill in all your details. It not only leaves a good impression on the opposite person but also shows that you are serious about finding a partner. Do not consider this a waste of time. You never know, this profile can change your life forever.

3. Profile Picture: Never ever upload pictures of you walking on the beach, playing your guitar or enjoying some wine with your friends. It’s a bad idea! To most people, this could mean you’re either fake or immature. Upload clear and hi-resolution images and avoid side profiles. Stick to front profiles and remember, the more natural the image, the better it is. Pictures that are blurr or those that do not clearly show your face will never get you good response. And do not forget to smile!

4. Partner Preferences: Never sound too demanding or choosy. It’s a bad idea to write things like, “I am looking for a fair bride/groom, who is beautiful/handsome, career-oriented, earns well and who can take good care of my family.” This will only increase your ‘Decline Request’ on the site. Instead, sound positive and write about how you would want someone who is independent, caring, loving, who shares similar religious beliefs, someone who is a family person and is compatible with you, etc.

5. Be Honest: Lying doesn’t get you anywhere in the online world. Honesty is the best policy! Do not write about your love for adventure, music, traveling, sports, etc if it’s not true. Write the truth and give a full flavor of who you are, rather than trying to be someone you’re not.

– Vipasha Pillai

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