5 Tips to Keep in Mind For Your First Date

You must have been on a date at least once, right? And, you think you know how to behave, what kind of topics to discuss, etc with your prospective spouse. Only when you actually sit down with him/her you’ll realise how confident you are. So, just so that you do not mess up things and have a successful meeting with your prospective spouse, here are some tips to follow…

1. Make a Good First Impression
You must have heard, ‘First impression is the last impression,’ which is quite true. The best way to begin is by dressing right. Now, we don’t mean you spend a fortune after your designer outfit and other accessories. Dressing well is simply about wearing a good fitting, clean, well-maintained outfit that matches and looks right for the date.

2. Keep it a Two Way Conversation
You could talk about yourself, we mean your hobbies, goals in life, job, dreams, likes, dislikes, etc. You must be talkative, but this is not the time to prove your conversational skills, for god’s sake! You’ve got to give the opposite person a chance to speak too. But yes, it’s also important to keep your partner engaged in the conversation. So, you could ask questions and be attentive. You don’t want to come off sounding cocky, do you? So, don’t go overboard on the talking about yourself bit.

3. Choose the Right Place
In most cases, it’s a family affair at the girl’s place. But, if you decide to meet outside, it’s better to opt for a public place where you can sit for a long time and chat. A coffee shop could be your best bet! Just take a corner table and you could start your conversation over a cup of coffee. And, especially men, please be generous. Not with your words but with the tip before leaving the place. Don’t forget that most women judge a man by the generosity of his tip.

4. Future Plans
This is a must. We suggest, you bring up this topic even if the opposite person doesn’t. It’s necessary for you to know what does your mate think about a future together. Talk about your plans and find out about his/her plans too. You could ask your partner things like: where do you see yourself five years from now, where do you see your marriage five years from now, when do you plan to start a family, does s/he believe in the idea of saving money for the future, etc. But just make sure you don’t bring up family planning in front of elders from your mate’s side, in case they’re around.

5. Finance
Money issues are very important to discuss. You need to find out what’s your partner’s take on handling the finances after marriage. It may sound silly to you now, but this is something that can lead to serious issues later, trust us! What if you later happen to know that your partner (especially in case of men) is old fashioned in his way of thinking in regards to who should be the bread winner, which is also a potential source of trouble. It’s always better to be clear about certain things, especially when it comes to finance.

– Vipasha Pillai

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