5 Tips to Plan Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and planning this special day can be quite a stressful task. But, if everything is well-planned things can be less stressful. Here are a list of things to keep in mind before you plan your wedding…

1. Select a Proper Date
In Hindu weddings, the wedding date is finalized depending on the horoscope. But before you settle on your wedding date, don’t forget to discuss it with your family, relatives and friends to make sure they’re able to attend your function.

2. Have a Budget Planned
You need to decide if you plan to have a grand or simple wedding and make arrangements accordingly. If you have a strict budget, it is important that you figure out exactly how much money you plan to spend on your wedding. Once you have an idea of the funds available, prepare a list of all the important things. The key to such a budget is to establish priorities. For instance, what’s more important to you, starting right from your wedding date and outfit to the food menu.

3. Reservation and Bookings
Once the date is finalized and you know the type of ceremony you want, start hunting for a good venue without wasting time. People book their wedding venue almost six months in advance. You can then figure out other important things like hiring a good caterer, etc. All this is quite time consuming, so get moving well in advance.

4. Sending Across an Invitation
The next step is to send out all the invitations on time. Inviting guests at the last minute might not work. You need to give them time to to block their date. It’s best to send the invitation at least a month in advance.

5. Share Responsibilities
Have a to-do list ready well in advance for this day. Also, divide the responsibilities among your family members, just to make sure things are smooth and organized. Planning a wedding is definitely not an easy task, so getting your family members and close friends involved can make this day successful and memorable.



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