5 Types Of Singles With Varied Point Of View On Getting Married

cats-get-marriedGetting married is an important decision that individuals make in their lives. This wedding season, Shaadi.com wants to find out what people really think about the idea of getting married. We have put down some types of single as per their point of view about getting married.


1. Humse Na Ho Payega
These type of individuals are entirely against the idea of getting married. They feel marriage is not for them. They are at the extreme end of the curve. It’s tough for them to go hand in hand with the idea of getting married and often question the idea of marriage.


2. Tum Karo Jo Karna Hai
These individuals don’t want to get married, but they are fine with rest of the world who thinks otherwise. They will attend weddings, support people who want to get married but they don’t want to get married at all. They just runway from the idea of getting married.


3. Dekhenge, Sochenge
Dekhenge, sochenge type are the ones who are unsure about getting married. Either they are waiting to settle down, or they are waiting for someone special, to be convinced about getting married!


4. Nahi, Abhi Nahi
These individuals want to get married but not right now. They are waiting for the right time to get married. They are the ones who are constantly delaying their big day of getting married!

download (2)5. Mera Number Kab Ayega?
These guys can’t wait to get married. They can get married anytime. They find the idea of getting married quite exciting, and they want to experience the post marriage life very soon!

Are we missing out anyone in our list? Tell us in the comments below!

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