5 Unique Wedding Themes That You Could Follow For Your Wedding

When we think about Indian weddings, the first thing that comes to our minds is the predictable traditional motifs and decor. But of late, families and couples are venturing out into the off-beaten track and are incorporating fun & pretty concepts in their wedding. Here are some themes which we think is easy to execute and wouldn’t necessarily cost a bomb!


Starry Night:
This immediately would transport us back to a magical clear night sky with hundreds of stars twinkling down at us. The starry night theme involves fairy-lights hung up on ceiling to create that magical ambience. It is the perfect setting for a pre-wedding party or even the wedding itself!


Vintage & Rustic:
Everything old and vintage is making a comeback. Incorporating some vintage aspects in the wedding décor and wedding outfits will instantly transport us back into time. Old photographs from your parents’ or even grandparents’ wedding day can be used to decorate the venue alongside with vintage bird cages, pearl strings, lace and chandeliers. This theme would be like a walk down memory lane.


Bohemian Theme:
Bohemian décor is an easy theme to execute because of its fun and casual décor elements. Traditional flowers can be replaced by fresh seasonal ones such as baby breath, frangipanis, carnations etc. Table settings can be quirky with unique block print mats and cutting chai glasses. This theme will fare well with all the fun loving and gorgeous brides.


Go Green:                                                                                                                                            For the environment conscious bride, this is a match made in heaven! Reducing your carbon footprint and food wastage is an important aspect of this theme. A fun activity can be planned around this theme as well. Guests can plant a sapling celebrating this joyous occasion or can take home some seeds or saplings to plant later on. Using organic materials in the décor adds a nice touch as well.


Indoor Garden:
Perhaps this is one of the prettiest wedding themes ever! This theme can be executed around a mehendi event or any other day small functions. It works well with a small group of friends and family. An intimate setting involving picnic tables, garden benches along with pretty flower arrangements will immediately uplift the mood of the event.

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