5 Ways to Keep Your Woman Happy

Some relationships fail due to various differences between the couple, while some do because of lack of understanding, etc. It doesn’t take too long to end a relationship, but if you really love your woman and want to keep her happy, here’s what you need to remember (from a woman’s perspective)…

1. Never Lie

This is the most difficult thing for men, right? We all know that if not all, some men do lie. You must have had a history of flirtatious behaviour, which you’ve never told your woman or something even worse. But remember, no woman would ever like her partner hiding things from her. Ever heard this ‘Women forgive but never forget,’ which is very true. If you lie to her and are caught, she’ll never ever trust you again, believe us! And, do we really need to say that its the trust factor that really matters in any relationship? We’re all aware of that but still end up hurting our partner.

2. Keep Your Promises
If you think you can’t fulfill her wish, do not promise her. She might not feel bad if you say, “I’ll definitely try” but if you promise her something and break it, she’ll surely be disappointed. If you believe in the saying, ‘Promises are meant to be broken’ you’ll never be able to keep a woman happy. So, once you make a promise, try to keep it.

3. Give Her Time
All she expects from you is some time for her every day. You might not be able to meet your girlfriend every day or spend hours with your wife, but you can at least take out sometime from your busy schedule and call her twice a day. Remember, you mean the world to her and women do expect some attention from their partner. So, if talking to her over the phone makes her happy, you must call up. On your day off, make some special plans together and we’re telling you, she’ll love you the same forever.

4. Never Forget Important Occasions
Remembering special occasions like, birthday’s and anniversaries, etc is just not easy for men, we agree! Whether or not you remember other dates, but don’t ever forget to wish your gf/wife on her birthday or your anniversary. If you’re forgetful, it’s best to put a reminder on your phone. And, if you thought women don’t take all this seriously, you’re wrong! Moreover, special dates give you an excuse to celebrate the day together and this way you can make her feel special.

5. Be There When She Needs You
What’s the point of having a man in her life, if he’s not around when she needs him? Like we said, you mean the world to her, so when she’s in trouble she’s obviously going to think of you first. You might be really busy but you still got to be there for her in times of trouble. Remember, a small gesture goes a long way in building a strong level of bond between a couple.

– Vipasha Pillai

What apart from these points can make a woman happy?

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  1. Olid says

    Thanks for this post! I have been following your blog for a while now and I am definitely having fun reading it.

  2. Carlos says

    Thank you for your time and effort to have decided to put these things together on your blog. John and I very much appreciated your input.

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