6 Tips to a Great Beginning Via Mail

Got an acceptance online from someone you really like? Worried about writing the first mail to your prospective partner? Here are some tips on how to take things ahead online:

1. Don’t Write Standard Template
Let’s be honest, you probably have a standard draft written on your mail that you copy paste in your introductory mails. This generally leaves a bland first time impression on the opposite person. Remember, this is your first chance to make an impression. So, take at least five minutes to carefully go through the person’s profile and pull some references in your mail like: “I know that you love sky diving, in fact I have tried it once and I loved it too..”

2. Do Not Focus on the Looks
Even if the photograph is what mainly grabs your attention, avoid discussing too much about the person’s looks. Stay away from lines like: “You have a sweet smile, what is a looker doing here, why aren’t u married already,” etc. Remember, most women have had enough of these standard lines and may feel that you go around saying the same lines to almost every woman. So, avoid it completely!

3. Maintain a Warm But Neutral Tone
It’s important to be modest when you are writing a mail for the first time to a prospective match. Avoid bragging or being too personal. Also, sometimes it is the parents or siblings managing the profiles on matrimony sites so your tone is important to create a lasting impression. While a standard template ensures that the candidate will have a bland impression of you, acting too cool can actually do more harm than good. So, don’t try to be super cool.

4. Talk About Your Family
In Indian marriages families play a very important role. It’s true that the two individuals should be compatible, but it’s also important for the two families to get along. You can even consider mentioning a line or two about your family. You could mention things like: “We are a close-knit family, my mom is a homemaker. My cousins and me, we’re crazy about her cakes that she bakes,” etc. A word of caution: Avoid talking about your family member’s expectations. For instance, Pamit S, a 28-year-old marketing manager says, “Once a girl I really like accepted my request on a matrimonial site, I was over the moon. However, her introductory mail mentioned how her parents were yearning for a grandchild soon after marriage, which made me think twice then.” So, be careful.

5. Give Genuine Compliments
Everybody likes to be appreciated. So, it’s a good idea to compliment people, but only if its genuine.  The compliment will have the desired effect specially if it’s something to do with the profile. That also shows that you took the effort to know the person.

6. Give Out Information About Yourself
The opposite person is obviously not going to take matters forward just because the person knows that you’re interested in him/her. You have to make sure that the person finds you equally interesting and that the families are compatible. So, do highlight any traits that are common. For instance, interests, education, aspirations, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc.

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