6 Ways to Be the Greatest Wedding Guest


Weddings are all about the shenanigans but not at the cost of the bride and groom’s peace of mind! Enjoy the fabulous outfits and parties but also act responsibly and be a support to the families. We’ll tell you 5 ways how you can be the perfect wedding guest!

  1. Let them know your plans

The bride and groom have a million things to plan, let your travel plans not be one more painful thing on their to-do list. Informing them whether you are coming or not helps them plan your stay and their events better. Don’t promise and not turn up – it’s the worst thing you can do!


  1. Don’t share pictures on social media without checking

 Today it’s easy for guests to simply brandish their phones and start clicking photos. While it’s sometimes a good thing that friends record your best candid moments while you’re living it, at other times it may feel like an invasion of privacy when the world has seen photos you haven’t. Do casually share the pictures with the couple first and ask if it’s okay to post them!


  1. Know when to make your presence felt!

Weddings are all about being surrounded by your loved ones but this can get a bit overwhelming for the bride and groom. Know when to be around them but give them and the family space when needed.


  1. Be on time

 Indian weddings are elaborate with a thousand rituals, and starting on time is key! If you start late, you end late and there begins the vicious cycle. Be kind to your tired hosts and do arrive on time so that both of you can enjoy the day that has been put together with so much care by them.


  1. Dress appropriately

 Every family and community have their own dressing norms for weddings. Do a quick background check before packing your bags. You don’t want to be overdressed or underdressed. Some people may not appreciate you wearing black or white as well. Make sure you are appropriately dressed and don’t stick out like a sore thumb!


  1. Lastly, don’t complain!

 Weddings are a breeding ground for complaints. Starting from the food not being nice, to the event being too long, too boring, too short, too exciting and it never ends. Remember that it’s someone’s special day and you mustn’t rain on their parade. You’d want the same at your wedding too!

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