6 Ways to Improve Your Relationship

You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day or your partner’s Birthday to make them feel special. All you need to do is just show some love and give some attention to your partner everyday. There’s soo much more you can do to deepen the bond and add some zest to your relationship. Read on to find out how…

1. Appreciate Them
You could compliment your partner, acknowledge them when they’ve been thoughtful or hug them more often in a loving way. These are little things that can make a huge difference and make your partner feel really special and loved. You keep them happy and you can expect the same in return.

2. Take Some Time Out
We understand when you are at work, you can’t keep thinking about your partner but you can surely take some time out and call them up during your break just to ask, “How was your day?” This can enhance your connection and make your partner really happy. It feels great to know that your special someone thinks of you even at work.

3. Workout Together
This is a great idea, plus you’re getting to spend more time with your partner. You two could join a gym or any other acitivity at a place that’s convenient for both of you. Instead of sipping cold coffee or other unhealthy drinks after work, you could instead work out together. This will not just keep you and your partner in shape but also imrpove your bonding, as you end up spending more time together.

4. Plan a Special Evening
You don’t always need a reason to take your partner out for dinner. Surpririses work wonders, especially for women! Planning a day in a special way for your love, will always be remembered by them. Keep it a surprize and plan a day out. You could take your partner out for a film and then go out shopping, followed by dinner at their favourite restaurant. Some personal time, just you and your partner, away from your family and friends once in a while, really helps! Don’t trust us? Try it!

5. Plan a Weekend Getaway
“I’m Broke” can no longer be a reason for not planning a trip. No matter what your budget is, there are lots of websites offering you great travel deals to your choice of destination. All you need to do is some research online on various destinations and website deals and plan your trip in advance. Ask your partner to block the dates well in advance, without revealing the plan. Keep that a surprise and see how happy it will make your partner.

6. Gift a Spa Voucher
Who doesn’t like unwinding and being pampered after days of hard work. It’s the best gift you can ever give your partner. Choose a good spa deal online for a body massage and if you’re a couple, you could go for the couple spa. The massage relaxes your mind and rejuvenates you. It leaves you feeling fresh and beautiful. Anything that makes you and your partner happy is healthy for your relationship. If you’ve never tried this before, I suggest you do.

– Vipasha Pillai

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