7 Thoughtful Gifts That Leave A Lasting First Impression

You have finally convinced your special someone to go on a date with you, or maybe all those hours you spent finding the “special one” have finally paid off. Whatever may be the case, you now have a date but absolutely no idea what to gift him/her for your first romantic foray into the world.
Don’t you worry, here is a list of some sassy and unconventional gifting ideas because we care for your love life:

  1. 1) Get her some funky accessories. All girls love jewellery so try getting your hands on a bracelet, a cute pair of earrings, anklets or even an armlet if possible. Since its jewellery you can also help her wear your gift for added romance (intense eye contact and light touches included). Steer clear of rings though, you don’t want to make it look like a proposal and scare her off.


  1. 2) Get him a dog tag. These are chain with name tags that are worn by soldiers, something like what Wolverine wears. Men love feeling masculine and raw. A dog tag will make him feel all soldier-ish and intense. Who doesn’t want an intense, passionate first date.


  1. 3) Make a date jar. Write down all the interesting date night ideas you can think of on small, colourful papers and stuff them in a glass jar. Ask him or her to pick one for all the times you plan to go on a date. It’ll keep them guessing and spice up things. Everyone loves a dash of creativity.


  1. 4) Gift a Bonsai Tree. These are tiny potted versions of trees which can be bought easily online or from a nursery. It an inexpensive and thoughtful gift, every time she sees it she’ll be reminded of your first date. Talk about always being in her thoughts. 😉


  1. 5) Gift a customised mug with your favourite trait or a single line that best describes the other person written on it. It’ll show that you understand him/her better than they think and you wish to know them better.


  1. 6) Take the old-fashioned path and buy him/her a nice book. Make sure they appreciate books before gifting them one though. You don’t want your precious book to be fireplace fodder in case things don’t work out.


  1. 7) A single cute, delicious cupcake also works wonders. Remember the old adage “jhootha khaane se pyaar badhta hai” so make sure you devour it together. Also, gifting her a cupcake is almost like gifting yourself one because she’ll have to share it?

That’s our list, short and sweet. We hope you like the cute, funky, thoughtful ideas. Make sure that whatever you choose to gift shows the efforts and thoughtfulness you put in. It doesn’t have to be expensive and grand, just sincere.

If there are any more such free-spirited ideas that you can think of we would love to hear from you!


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