Survey: 72% Indian Women Think Ranbir Kapoor Would Make an Ideal Husband, as he is a ‘Mama’s Boy’ recently conducted a poll to understand people’s views on if ‘Mama’s Boys make good husbands.’ Interestingly, contrary to popular belief, 62% women agreed that Mama’s Boys would indeed make great nurturing & patient husbands. The poll taken by over 24,000 Indians were also asked about a leading lady that would make an ideal match for Bollywood’s Mama’s Boy’ – Ranbir Kapoor. 63.84% respondents believed that Deepika Padukone was the best match for Ranbir, followed by Katrina Kaif with 22.30% and Priyanka Chopra with 13.86%.

Another interesting insight is that 72% Indian women felt that Ranbir would make an Ideal husband as a result of the closeness he shares with his mother Neetu Singh. This indicates that Men who are close to their mothers are perceived as sensitive, nurturing, patient & hence would make great husbands. Commenting on the poll results, Gourav Rakshit, Chief Operating Officer, said, “There was a time when people thought Mama’s Boys wouldn’t make good husbands, but the trend seems to have changed now as per the poll.”

He further adds, “The poll indicates that when a woman has brought up her son well, he is kind to her, he makes better relationships. So for women, marrying a Mama’s Boy, as it is often referred to, may lead to a patient and understanding husband. The poll is part of the constant research that conducts in its attempt to gauge the preferences of its members.”


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