6 Signs You are Ready For Marriage

If you have crossed 25 and the only thing that people ask you is, “When are you planning to get married?” or if your Facebook timeline is full of wedding pictures and your inbox full of wedding invitations, may be it’s time you too think of Marriage. But the question is, are you ready for marriage? Here are 6 signs that will help you find out if it’s really time for you to tie the knot…

1. All Your Friends Are Married
If everyone else from your friends circle is married and you are the only one who’s still single, may be its time you too think of marriage. If their happy status updates post marriage on social networking sites makes you jealous, you are probably ready for Marriage.

2. You Have Moved On
So you have decided to leave your past behind and you think you can trust a man/woman again? This means you have finally gotten over your previous relationship and are all set to start afresh. After all, not all relationships turn out to be unsuccessful.

3. You Have Started Enjoying Rom-Coms
If you always found romantic comedies boring but have suddenly started enjoying them, hoping it would come true in your life too someday, you definitely are ready for a relationship.

4. You Have Started Planning Your Wedding Look
Trends keep changing like seasons and if the latest wedding trends are stuck in your head or if you have started thinking about your wedding outfit, etc then the answer is Yes! You are ready for marriage.

5. You Know Exactly What You Want in Your Partner
When marriage is not on your mind, you wouldn’t even bother thinking about your life partner. But if you are sure about the qualities you want in your partner and have started thinking about what would your partner be like? who would it be? etc, you are totally prepared to tie the knot.

6. You Now Believe in Commitment
If you do not suffer from ‘commitment phobia’ and are ready to be committed in a relationship, marriage is what you should be thinking of. After all, marriage is a lifetime commitment – a commitment of trust, mutual respect and love.

– Vipasha Pillai


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