Ways to Simplify Your Wedding

If you’ve found your match and are in the planning stage for your wedding, here are some simple tips to keep in mind to get set for the D-day…

1. Make a Wish List
Wedding is definitely a big occasion and can be pretty confusing and frustrating if you do not know how you want it to be. So, before you plunge into the preparation, make sure you have your wish list in place on how you want your wedding to be. When we say this, we mean what kind of wedding would you prefer – a simple or a big fat wedding and also how many people you plan to invite? Apart from this, you also need to decide on your look before you set out shopping.

2. Make a to-do List
Once you’re clear about how you want your D-day to be like, get cracking. List down all the activities that you need to do as per priority. Jot down things like booking a venue, wedding cards, caterers, decorations, make-up artist and hair stylist, arranging for a vehicle for the newly-wed couple, etc. Next comes the shopping list for yourself – trousseau, jewellery, accessories, etc. Also, draft a list of relatives and friends whom you wish to gift.

3. Plan Your Budget and Stick to it
A simple yet stylish wedding doesn’t need you to go overboard. Today mindsets are swayed bu the media and the movies. People try to emulate their neighbour. But remember, comparisons can only shoot up your budget beyond consideration. So, have an open communication with your to-be spouse, so that everyone is in the loop to avoid any misunderstandings.

4. Cross Check
Before you book a venue, ask few people who’ve had functions there regarding the service, food quality, rates, etc. Homework is a must. Caterers who serve best for 50 people may not be the right ones for 2,000 people. Also, visit a few venues before booking one. Check whether it will accomodate your guest list, if it’s in your budget. Check different florists and decorators and if possible, take a look at some of their work.

5. Hire Help
It can make your life easy and the entire life tension free. Besides, you are fighting against time and professionals will get the best deals in town on your table. Things like organising for music, decorations, etc at the right market price, becomes their headache and every member in your family is free to enjoy.

6. Delegate Early Hand
The best thing about Indian weddings is that you have close friends and family members to delegate work to. But keep in mind that these people have to be responsible enough. Friends can help with decorations, an uncle can take charge of lodging guests, an aunt can help with distributing gifts, etc.

7. Do a Trial
Today weddings are a big extended party. But that doesn’t mean that you take a chance wih your look. Trials are a must. Especially, the bride needs to make sure she visits her beautician at least a week before. Try on different hairstyles, makeup, looks, etc. so that you know how you are going to look on your special day and are confident about it. Last minute errors can really upset you and spoil your mood if you don’t check things out beforehand. Same goes with caterers. Taste their food and make changes if necessary. After all, this day comes only once in a lifetime.

8. Keep Cool
Losing temper in an hyper active situation is quite natural, but the smart thing to do is to remain calm. That way you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings and don’t upset yourself in turn.

– Vipasha Pillai

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