A Hello Can Spark A New Story!

Saying hello can be tough . However just like serendipity, saying a simple hello and making that first move can change your life! Your one “Hello” can make a difference in not only your life but also in the life of the person who you say it to!

Here’s how a hello can change your world!

1. It’s a start of something new!
New friendship or relationship.. a hello can start it all. It may need a little push but giving it a try or two, is totally worth it!

2. You may be helping someone!
People often need someone to share their feelings with. Happy or sad, it’s always better when there’s someone around to talk to. Knowingly or unknowingly your simple hello can make someone’s day better!

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3. Hello, can make you serendipitous experience beautiful!
You come across various people in the course of life. Some make you wonder what it’d be like to talk to them or know them. To avoid such feelings, it’s always better to make an attempt to say hello to the one you like.

4. Hello, can help you to move on in life!
A Hello to someone new in life can help you move on from some unpleasant experiences you’ve had. This can give you the hope and perspective that can change your life!

On this ‘World Hello Day’ start a conversation with someone you like! You don’t want to miss the chance because a hello can spark a new love story!

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