A love story just like a fairy-tale: Amandeep & Angad

I am really thankful to Shaadi.com to create a platform like this to find a life partner. I am glad to share my journey in searching my charming prince through Shaadi.com. I met Angad on this App on 2nd July 2017. We exchanged numbers and connected so well. It seemed we knew each other for ages. We spoke for hours over Skype. Once a while we didn’t talk and it seemed as if though something is missing. Soon after 2-3 weeks, we planned to meet up in Dubai (that’s where I work) before my vacations in October to India. With every passing day, we grew closer to each other and understood one another staying miles apart. The most awaited time had come and we met up. We realized we blended much better than over the telephone. Our affection and love were beyond any explanation. Our silence spoke to each other and everything seemed so amazing all of a sudden. We felt that spark within and I told him ‘I Love You’ for the first time. We were made for each other. We realized I had to take this ahead to my parents before they find me some other matches during my vacations. So I took this ahead of my family once I got to India. By Gods grace, both families began talking and everything was falling into place. It wasn’t that easy and smooth as it seemed. However, my return back to Dubai and Angad staying in UK just persuaded the families to fix our wedding dates to avoid any delays and complications in the Distance relationship. And yes !! We are getting married on Feb 10, 2018. For first few days I was wondering if this was a dream as I thought this happened just in movies. We both were behaving a bit strange, I guess this happens to everyone. Well, our families are really happy. Hoping time flies soon, every hour seems like a day now. Thank you once again!

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