A New Beginning: Dinesh and Christina

The first time I saw Christina’s picture standing innocently against the mantle in her house, I knew that she was the one for me. I wrote to her and got a reply after two days, though it was a very casual reply. After a couple of weeks, I was told that it was her mom doing all the screening.We soon began to chat on MSN and we exchanged numbers. The first time she called me, she sounded like such a baby and trust me, my heart actually skipped a beat.

Since she’s from Dubai, I expected her to have a heavily accented voice, but it was the most simple and angelic voice I’d ever heard. We soon decided to meet up in India sometime in April, 2009. Because of my heavy work schedule, I turned up late for our first date and had a few more mess ups. I almost thought I lost her but I guess God had plans for us. After all, marriage’s are made in heaven. There was a distance problem and I wasn’t the most settled bachelor but Chris stood by me, despite all these short comings.

Thank you Shaadi.com for bringing us together. Today, we are married and I have not only found my wife but also my best friend.

– Contributed by Dinesh Khan

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