A New Beginning: Nihit Gupta and Pallavi

I met Pallavi on Shaadi.com in April, 2012. We chatted a couple of times and soon exchanged numbers. We continued talking for a couple of days and felt that special connection. Though we had known each other for hardly a few days, we got along really well. We never felt like we were talking to a stranger or someone we had never seen in person. Even though we lived thousands of miles away, we always felt we were very close to each other. By now, we knew that we were in love.

In early June, I travelled to Jaipur with my family to meet Pallavi’s parents. The first meeting went well and the marriage date was soon finalised. Without wasting too much time, we tied the knot on 9 July, 2012. I couldn’t have found a better soulmate than Pallavi. I truly love her and am looking forward to spend the rest of my life with her.

We are both thankful to the Shaadi Team for making this possible. It’s because of you guys that thousands of love stories are written each day.

– Contributed by Nihit Gupta


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