A Perfect Couple: Sheetal and Sukhwinder

The perfect knot

I never believed that one can actually find their life partner on the internet. But, I now accept that people are destined to meet. I first came across Sukhwinder’s profile in 2003 on Shaadi.com and we soon started exchanging mails. Our parents did the rest of the job through a couple of phone calls, meetings and horoscope matching. I was not too keen on getting into this relationship at first, as Sukhwinder was working in Boston. So, I knew I would have to shift to Boston from Delhi leaving behind my family, relatives and friends. But, soon after our first conversation I realised that I had found a wonderful soulmate. To be more precise, he had all the qualities I was looking for in my partner. In fact, he turned out to be far more better than my expected dream mate.

It took us just a few days to take a call on our wedding, since we knew each other well, though we hadn’t met. We finally met two days prior our engagement that took place on January 25, 2004. We never really felt the need to meet up, as everything was crystal clear in our minds. I feel very lucky to have found someone like Sukhwinder, who’s lived up to my expectations in every aspect. Our families are extremely happy and satisfied too. We finally got married on August 18, 2004. It never seemed so easy to find a soulmate on the internet, but Shaadi.com did it.

Thanks a lot Shaadi.com! This wouldn’t have been possible without you.

– Contributed by Sheetal

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