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Recently, we hit our biggest milestone till date, over 5 million people have found their life partner on We take a lot of pride in being a customer obsessed matchmaking site and always strive to provide a positive customer experience which in turn helped us achieve 5 million Success Stories. A lot of our members ask us, “How to make the most of” So in this week’s Shaadi Live special feature we bring to you tips to make the most of membership:

  • 1. Make your profile as close as to the real you

Our first tip to give you a head start in your partner search is to get your profile details right. Make sure your profile is as close to the real you. If your profile is an honest summary of you it will make your first meeting or conversation with your prospect match very smooth.

  • 2. Get active to boost your partner search

There are thousands of new profiles created every day, if you spend more time on the network it will give you a better chance to find your ‘perfect one’. And it is rude to keep anyone waiting. Isn’t it? The regular logins to make sure you promptly respond to all the interest requests and chat will only help your partner search and it also boosts your profile visibility for your prospect matches. The bottom line is keep coming back to website and just don’t disappear.

  • 3. Make the first move!

Sending an interest on after all is just an expression of interest to someone whose profile you really liked. You would get an opportunity to know the other person better once you start interacting with them. There are a few of member who feel shy and overthink about sending interest, our advice to them is simply go for it. All success stories on start with an interest sent, so you are definitely on the right track. J

  • 4. Don’t judge by the picture

There are a lot of details present on a profile, taking time out of your busy schedule to go through the profiles will augur really well for your partner search. There is a lot to someone’s personality than their profile photo, so strike a conversation get to know them well before taking a decision.

  • 5. Use safety features for pleasant experience keeps a vigil on the behaviour of our members and has no tolerance policy towards code of conduct breech cases. Each and every profile is screened by our team before it is activated. Apart from our initiative to make experience secure you as a member also have a role to play to keep the network safe for all. If you come across any unruly behaviour or suspicious information make sure to use the “Report” feature.

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