Asha+Nisheeth: A Love Story Scripted in Heaven


Our story is also like any other love story.

To confess the truth hidden from friends and folks, it all actually started from a matrimonial website. Sounds so old school, but yes this is what it is.

Bumped on and curiously looked for each other on Facebook and started the conversation. And it all went like a roller coaster ride after that because I guess we were destined to be. Never thought it would take a steep marriage turn. We meet in Pune and after that there was no turning back. Two years and a few months have just flown by and we got married on the 3rd of December 2016.

Everything is just the way I had always imagined my love story & my wedding to be. Sometimes thinking back to it is like “Hey, we just meet in Pune dude”

Like a fairy tale!!!

Thanks to the lovely couple for sharing their Success Story

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