Author: Vipasha Pillai

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6 Types of Dad We All Love

Father’s Day is finally here and it’s time to celebrate our wonderful dads. While you’re thinking about what to gift your pops on this special day, we thought we’d list down 5 types of dads we all love. Well, okay, the first dad we thought of…

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3 Things to do on Facebook if You’re in Love

If you’re madly in love and are serious about your relationship, here are some Facebook rules for you to follow for a healthy relationship…

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An Indian Couple Has Set a New Record by Conquering Everest Together

A Maharashtra police couple, Dinesh and Tarkeshwari Rathod delayed parenthood to achieve their goal   


5 Things You Should Know About The Holy Month of Ramadan

Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims will fast from dawn until dusk. Here are 10 facts to help you understand this holiday:   

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People Who Sleep Late Are Actually Smarter And More Creative

According to a recent survey, people who deviate from a normal sleep schedule tend to be more intelligent. The finding is supported by a wealth of research that suggests that people who create new evolutionary patterns, like sleep patters, are the most progressive and intelligent…  


5 Tips on Dating a Younger Man

Dating a younger man can have its rewards, but there are also the challenges. If it’s your first time, we list down some tips to help you successfully maintain a relationship with a younger man. We know its not easy to manage a younger partner, but here’s what you can do to make it successful… …