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The 8 Best #NotForSale Entries Are…

The 8 Best #NotForSale Entries Are…

We’d like to thank all of you for your wonderful participation in our #NotForSale initiative. We received some really wonderful entries. Some of them were beautiful and some very meaningful. We would also like to tell you that each one of you who participated in the #NotForSale initiative is a true WINNER.


All That You Need To Know About Earth Day!

* Earth Day is celebrated every year on the 22nd of April. * The idea is to raise awareness about a wide range of environmental issues and problems. The aim of the day is to bring attention to environmental issues to spark changes that will result in a healthy, sustainable environment. * The theme for … is Back With the ‘Mother of all Initiatives’ is Back With the ‘Mother of all Initiatives’

Marriage is a beautiful bond between a man and a woman, a life-long commitment like no other. What completes this wonderful companionship is love, respect, commitment, understanding and equality, definitely not the amount of money that a woman can bring into a Marriage.

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5 Interesting Things You Must Know About Assam

Known mainly for being home to the precious one-horned rhinoceros at Kaziranga, the beautiful state of Assam stands as much more than just this! We decided to throw some light upon Assam on this auspicious occassion of Bihu. Here are 5 interesting things about Assam, we think you must know…

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6 Things The Bride’s Parents Are Sick of Hearing

A marriage is built on trust, mutual respect and love, definitely not on the amount of money that a woman can bring into a Marriage. Some Indian families (and that also includes the to-be groom) can’t resist the temptation. But 25-year-old Dinesh from Mumbai has taken a stand against dowry because he is #NotForSale! Click …


Happily Married: Mitali and Bijon

A big thank you to the phenomenal matrimonial site, for helping me find my Soul mate. Our parents were actively searching for a perfect match and one fine day they found us for each other.