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Perfect Match: Sapna & Vinay

Perfect Match: Sapna & Vinay

My profile was handled by my parents. There came a point when I got sick of people’s idea of PERFECT MATCH, which was more about, religion, caste, community, kundli and salary but not what exactly the person is like. So, I decided I would look for MY PERFECT MATCH myself. Found Vinay the first day …


Ways To Look and Feel Your Best On Your Big Day

Your wedding day no doubt, is an important event and you’re probably busy organising things to prepare for the big day. But do not ignore yourself by keeping yourself engaged with several other things. After all, it’s the most important day of your life and you need to make sure that you look and feel …


5 Budget Honeymoon Destinations in India

If you’re a newly-wed couple or have your D-day coming up soon and you’re planning for your honeymoon on a budget, we list down 5 hot destinations for you to choose from.

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5 Facts About Happy Relationships

All it takes is two people madly in love, who trust and respect each other to make a happy relationship, we agree! But according to science this is not it. It takes something more than love and understanding to make a relationship long-lasting…

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4 Types Of Matchmaking Profile Nobody Takes Seriously

  For those of you, who’re already registered on a matchmaking site may have an idea about the kind of profiles that are disliked by most people. But if you’re new to this, here’s some help on what kind of profiles you should never have on a matchmaking site if you want people to take …


10 Facts You Must Know About Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr is the festival of breaking fast, after the holy month of fasting. This day marks the end of Ramadan and is celebrated in the ninth month of Islamic calendar. We’ve listed down some interesting facts about this day that you might want to know…