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Survey: 60% Men Think Nagging Ruins a Relationship

As common as nagging may be, turns out it’s still harmful to your relationship. In fact, a survey by a popular website found that 60% of men and 44% of women respondents consider nagging a problem in their relationship.  Only 15% … Read More…

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Survey Reveals Men and Women Notice Eyes First

A new study has found that eyes are the first thing men and women notice about each other. Smiles took second among both genders. It seems checking out someone of the opposite sex can have a negative effect.

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5 Words to Avoid in Your Matrimonial Profile

Now that you have decided to find your life partner on, the first thing you need to do is create the right kind of profile. You are going to get noticed by your profile, so you need to make … Read More…

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Right Match: Jimmy and Ankita

I joined in June 2013 and Jimmy sent me an interest in July, but we really didn’t get in touch until October. Him being in Washing DC and me in Dallas, we spent a lot of time getting to … Read More…

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Survey Reveals What Men Look For in a Partner

If you’ve always wanted to know what men look for in a potential wife, a new survey has the answers! Results showed that men want someone who is willing to look after them and who will allow them to watch … Read More…

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Survey: Things Indian Women Dislike About Men recently conducted a survey to understand what Indian women dislike about men and most women said they are put off by ‘Men posting ‘selfies’ on social networking platforms.’ When women were asked about the one thing they dislike the … Read More…

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