Awesome Twosome: Shiblin and Sarfraz

I just knew that I had to send across a message after going through Shiblin’s profile on So, my first message went out to her on November 13, 2010. I told her the same generic stuff about liking her profile and wanting to know more about her. In a few days she replied back stating that she’d like to know about me as well. This went on for quite sometime and we finally exhanged numbers. I spoke to her over the phone one evening and our conversation lasted for a couple of hours.

By then, I already knew that she’s the one for me and I felt like I’ve known her for eternity. Seriously, I believe now when people say “they knew this person was the one.” Without delaying things too much, we got our parents involved and our marriage date was finalized. We tied the knot on March 3, 2011 in Bangalore. It just seems like a fairytale to me, when I think about it now.

Thanks a lot for helping me find my angel without whom I fail to function normally.

– Contributed by Sarfraz



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